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Gandhi Gandhi And The Darkness - 1198 Words

â€Å"‘Friends and comrades, the light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere.’† Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, made this statement on the evening of January 30, 1948. The light he was referring to was Mohandas Gandhi and the darkness was caused by his assassination. Mohandas K. Gandhi by Charles Shields and Gandhi by Catherine Clement were the books I referenced. Gandhi was an Indian who dedicated his entire life to gaining independence for India without the use of any violence. He also believed in equality for all, no matter their religion or race. Throughout his entire life, Gandhi has demonstrated that he possessed many admirable qualities that have been praised by the entire world, even long after his death. One of these admirable qualities is his relentless perseverance while pursuing his goals in the face of opposition. For example, Gandhi fasted for six days when the British decided the Untouchables, the lowest Indian social class, would have less representation in government. Gandhi was a true believer in equality for all and his determination to achieve that ideal nearly led to his death numerous times. To fast for an unspecified length of time is like playing with fire. Yet, Gandhi was not to be stopped by anything, including the possibility of death, and never gave up on achieving his dreams. Another illustration of Gandhi’s unyielding persistence is his hard work and countless contributions to his volunteer ambulance corps that heShow MoreRelatedNapoleon Bonaparte and Mohandas Gandhi - Two Great Leaders Essays600 Words   |  3 Pageswhether or good or bad. Two leaders who changed the society in which they lived were Napoleon Bonaparte and Mohandas Gandhi. Napoleon was a ble to lead his country out of civil war and economic crisis into prosperity and glory through warfare. However greedy and power hungry he was, still, should not overshadow the fact that he rejuvenated his country to its former prominence. Gandhi was able to win India’s independence from Great Brittan through non-violent and peaceful tactics. The actions of theseRead MoreCivil Disobedience Is A Method Of Nonviolent Rebellion1453 Words   |  6 Pagesrather than being violent brutes. Since we were little we’ve been told to be respective and try to find a better result to fixing an issue other than violence. Examples of this result is the Civil Right’s movement lead by Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi in freeing India from British control. These two examples are iconic and remembered throughout the world and history to remember the nonviolent rebellions. Now, civil disobedience isn’t a common thing that occurs anymore, and people then ask theRead MoreThe Library Of The Sabarmati Ashram1058 Words   |  5 Pagesworking in the archives of the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, I came across a fascinating letter to MK Gandhi sent by 11 young women of Calcutta. The letter was undated, but it appeared to have been written in January, 1939. It was addressed to â€Å"Most revered Mahatmaji†, and was signed individually by the 11 women, all Hindus by their names. The letter was written in protest against an essay written by Gandhi for his journal, Harijan. Gandhi’s article, said these women, was â€Å"not very inspiring†, since itRead MoreMohandas Gandhi1470 Words   |  6 PagesMohandas Gandhi Born into a merchant family in 1869, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was under the influence of powerful people. Members of his family had served as prime ministers of an Indian state for several generations. His parents were strong in their religion, being devout and earnest Hindus. They were a part of a Hindu sect that worshipped Vishnu and promoted non-violence. Apparently, he was most influenced by his mother, a gentle and intelligent person. According to Hindu custom, he marriedRead MoreA Tryst with Destiny753 Words   |  4 Pagessome Indian history, is Nehru’s mention of Mahatma Gandhi, though his name is never spoken. Nehru calls Gandhi â€Å"the greatest man of our generation† the first time he is mentioned in the speech, thereby giving Gandhi a very special status among the Indian nation. The second time Nehru calls Gandhi â€Å"the architect of this freedom, father of our nation, who embodying the old spirit of India, held aloft the torch of freedom and lighted up the darkness that surrounded us† that really gives outsiders anRead MoreBrief Account of V.S.Naipaul’s Description of India in His Book †an Area of Darkness1453 Words   |  6 PagesV.S.Naipaul’s â€Å"An Area of Darkness† is a semi-autobiographical account of a year he spent in India in 1964 in which he describes the country from his outlook. The book is written in the first person nar rative voice and Naipaul uses descriptive passages very well to outline his themes. The title ‘’An Area of Darkness’’ refers to India and many of the negative aspects of the Indian culture is highlighted and Naipaul seems to see the whole bleakness of the culture at every stage. Naipaul gives the readerRead MoreThe Influence Of Martin Luther King Jr.1609 Words   |  7 Pagespeaceful protests were the ideal revolution, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. While Gandhi was not a Christian, rather a Hindu, Martin Luther King Jr. believed that many of Gandhis principles related to Christianity, Gandhi was probably the first person in history to lift the love ethic of Jesus above mere interaction between individuals to a powerful and effective social force on a large scale. Christ furnished the spirit and motivation, and Gandhi furnished the method. (MLK). King concluded Christ was theRead MoreEssay about Information and opinions about Gandhis death1978 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"The future generations will scarcely believe that such a man in flesh and blood, had tread this earth.† Albert Einstein Mahatma Gandhi’s real name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born in 1869 at Porbandar in the state of Gujarat in INDIA. His father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi and his mother’s name was Putlibai. He was the youngest in the family of one sister and three brothers. His father belonged to the family of grocers but himself was a minister in the court of a localRead MoreMass Shootings And Its Effect On Society1024 Words   |  5 Pages The world we live in today is corrupted with people whose motives are unethical and what some people would call unpredictable. Today’s generation is growing up in darkness where nobody can even dream of the light. Mass shootings are happening more commonly and actions aren’t being taken into initiative. Morals, are a person s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. A person with basic moral principles can see it’s not acceptable for someone to shootRead MoreThe Leader Of Modern Indian Nationalism2777 Words   |  12 Pages In past the rights of people have been denied due to which leaders of that time have struggled and took great responsibility to gain the rights. The leader of modern Indian nationalism, Mohandas Gandhi led the movement of India independence spirituality and brought India’s freedom. To Gandhi, moral values always succeeded material ones, and the improvement of human souls was a neces sary precursor to the improvement of India. He was a believer of nonviolence and civil disobedience, proving that

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The Limits Of Scientific Limits - 1306 Words

Deciding Ethicacy: The Limits to Scientific Limits Since the ideology that technological advancements impact the type of identity that individuals present, a majority of breakthrough research tends to draw towards a negative connotation. With direct correlation, Patrick Guinan, whom is a professor at the University of Missouri, discusses new technological ideas that are in research. He discusses whether or not advances in technology are ethically correct or if the results are unethical and god-like. Thus, the cases presented in Patrick Guinan’s work â€Å"Bioterrorism, Embryonic Stem Cells, and Frankenstein†, which is published in the Journal of Religion and Health for psychological and medical research, â€Å"Bioterrorism, Embryonic Stem Cells, and Frankenstein†. Consequently, an overwhelming majority of individuals believe that scientists should be forbade to perform experiments that â€Å"play god† in order to ease their curiosity. Furthermore, the issu e is derived from a conflict of ethos; thus, Guinan believes in stronger regulations toward unethical experiments such as cloning and stem cell research. With the intention of playing god, scientists attempt to manipulate certain pathogens that are directed toward a specific people. In an attempt at ethically swaying his audience, Professor Guinan discusses the idea that a â€Å"super-germ attack that would make the anthrax episode pale in comparison† (Guinan, 305). A super-germ is a genetically altered germ that could be used to causeShow MoreRelatedShould Any Limits Be Placed on Scientific Developments?1878 Words   |  8 PagesMan, powered by his imagination and inquisitive character, has wondered he mechanisms of Nature since time infinite. This quest for the truth, the ways in which his surrounding works, has led to many a scientific discoveries and innovations. Since the art of making fire and creating handcrafted tools, our civilization has come a long way. Science an d Technology are making advances at an amazing rate. From telephones to the Internet, calculators to computers, cars to rockets and satellites, we areRead MoreUnderestimating Our Influence Over Others Unethical Behavior and Decisions by Vanessa K. Bohns, Mahdi Roghanizad, and Amy Xu1032 Words   |  5 Pagesjustice to the scientific article they are representing or do they poorly represent scientific research? The scientific article, â€Å"Underestimating Our Influence Over Others Unethical Behavior and Decisions† written by Vanessa K. Bohns, Mahdi Roghanizad, and Amy Xu was posted on the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The popular article, â€Å"Its easier than you think to get people to commit bad deeds† by blogger Christian Jarrett, was recently blogged in response to the scientific article. HeRead MoreThe Between Science, Policy And Sustainability1103 Words   |  5 Pages1 Introduction The notion that there are limits to growth is not new to science. The debate that exponential population growth and economic growth, coupled with natural resources depletion, cannot be sustained has started already a few centuries ago with a ground-breaking publication: â€Å"Essay on the principle of population† Thomas Malthus in 1798. With more scientific knowledge developed around this debate, a reverse strategy was formed on the international political agenda called Sustainable DevelopmentRead MoreHuman Population And Its Impact On The Environment921 Words   |  4 Pages All populations of species are limited to a specific number, called its carrying capacity, which refers to the ability of an ecosystem to support their needs. Once a population grows to the point where it extends past the limit, the environment no longer has the capacity to support them and individuals must die to stabilize the population. Humans are no exception to this rule, as their populations are co nstrained by such density dependent factors as the availability of food, land, and other resourcesRead MoreEssay on Stem-Cell Research and the Media1614 Words   |  7 PagesPresidents approval rating well over 80 percent since the September 11th attack, those who contest any of his decisions have been receiving feelings of anger from those who support him.   I, however, would like to take a stand and contest Bushs decision to limit the stem cell research funding.   This paper presents two articles that examine Bushs decision in different ways; one looks at the consequences from the point of view of stem cell researchers, and the other presents an avenue for the Presidential administrationRead MoreEssay On Brave New World And Gattaca953 Words   |  4 PagesWorld, written by Aldous Huxley, and the movie Gattaca propose a technologically advanced society that challenges these ethical and moral views. Although Brave New World and Gattaca relate in the aspect of genetic discrimi nation, they differ in the limits and powers of technology and the effects of human spirit. Both Brave New World and Gattaca emphasize genetic discrimination as a major part of their societies. In Brave New World, a utopian society is created by the use of modernized technologyRead MoreTesting The Limits Of Sense And Science930 Words   |  4 Pages Reading Response #2: Deborah Coon Testing the Limits of Sense and Science Deborah J. Coon’s article titled, â€Å"Testing the Limits of Sense and Science,† was mainly about how American psychologists battled, pseudoscientific ideas of psychology such as spiritualism in which to support the scientific and experimental boundaries of the discipline of psychology. Coon’s purpose of this article was to illustrate how scientific psychology came to be developed and personify those who fought for experimentalRead MoreThe Ethical Issues Within Counseling891 Words   |  4 Pagesconfidentiality leads to harm? Section B.1.c. outlines the exceptions to confidentiality including the fact that confidentiality does not apply, when disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client (Bongar Stolberg, 2009). The limits of confidentiality that must be considered by the counselor in this case are listed below: B.1.c. Respect for Confidentiality—protect the confidential information of prospective and current clients. Counselors disclose information only with appropriateRead More The International Whaling Regime Essay1625 Words   |  7 Pagesfor subsistence, and to scientific research efforts. After the10 year period, it was decided that a Comprehensive Assessment would be conducted and enough data would be collected in order to reconsider the moratorium. The moratorium proved largely successful in that many stocks of larger whales such as the Bowhead whale began to stabilize and even grow in number, if only slightly. In this sense, the regime was very effective—it achieved the goal it set out to do: limit over-exploitation and stabilizeRead MoreEssay on Theory Of Knowledge1523 Words   |  7 Pagesinductive and deductive reasoning. Modern science is closely related to inductive reasoning and is presented as a distinctive feature of scientific activity today. Induction works by verification: correspondence process, which involves making predictions about the future based on past experience. However, problems with this technique limit the validity of the conclusions drawn from it. Primarily the problem is the degree of accuracy attached to any conclusion made, which

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Customer Relationship Management A Strategy Of Managing...

CRM is Customer Relationship Management: A strategy of managing customer relationships based on the integration of customer information throughout a company in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and retention. CRM process is to collect, store, and analyze customer interaction information (customer knowledge), transforming the practice of marketing research. Marketing intelligence: The use of real-time customer information (customer knowledge) to achieve a competitive advantage. In short, Market Intelligence seeks completive advantage based on real-time customer information. MI begins with the nation of customer knowledge, a company cannot meet its customer needs and wants and thereby offer value, unless it understands the evolution of the customer. Customer Knowledge –What kind of relationships will add value will add value to customers-loyalty programs, Value perception of the customer segment and how can the value be enhanced. To create customer profiles includes customer profiles customer demographics, psychographic data, and direct and indirect communications with the company in order to develop product, service offerings, marketing campaigns, growth and retention. Granular data-Highly detailed, highly personalized data specifically structured around an individual customer. Big companies embrace the vision and long –term goal of capturing and retaining customers. With granular customer information, market intelligence helps them and other companiesShow MoreRelatedCustomer Relationship Management ( Crm )1583 Words   |  7 PagesTheoretical Study Chapter 2 : CRM study 2.1 Defining CRM Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach that company’s use to manage, analyze and interact with customers. It refers to the practices, strategies and the technologies used by companies to understand the customer’s needs and behavior in order to create and build relationships with customers and to follow them throughout the customer lifecycle with a focus on increasing retaining customers with driving the sales growth. The idea of aRead MoreCustomer Relationship Management : A M University Commerce1056 Words   |  5 Pages Customer Relationship Management Courtney Crouthers Texas AM University-Commerce Customer Relationship management is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers. It is an upright concept or strategy to solidify relations with customers and at the same time reducing cost and enhancing productivity and profitability in business. CRM is not only pure business but also ideate strong personal bonding within people. There are twoRead MoreThe Blossoms Garden Center ( Bgc )1521 Words   |  7 Pagesexamines a number of strategies could be used efficiently and effectively in BGC. Finally, it will evaluate those strategies that appear to yield the best results. 2: Problems for BGC During the developing process, a number of problems in BGC increasing broadly such as customer service quality, managing operation, internal relationship and finance. Specifically, managing external relationship is a significant problem for the company. According to Casledine (2015), customers are the heart of anyRead MoreCompany and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships1465 Words   |  6 Pagescompanywide strategic planning in its four steps 2. Discuss how to design business portfolios and develop growth strategies 3. Explain marketing’s role in strategic planning and how marketing works with its partners to create and deliver customer value 4. Describe the elements of a customer-driven marketing strategy and mix, and the forces that influence it 5. List the marketing management functions, including the elements of a marketing plan, and discuss the importance of measuring return on marketingRead MoreSemaconnect Is The Leading Provider Of Electric Vehicle Amenities For The North American Commercial Residential Property Market Essay1229 Words   |  5 Pagespursued a strategy of aggressive RD to develop new products as well as process improvement and cost reduction measures. SemaConnect has aggressively marketed the superior performance of their products which has allowed them to gain market share at an impressive rate. Governor O’Malley announced his Smart, Green, and Growing legislative agenda in 2009, acknowledging SemaConnect as a Maryland-based company that develops and produces networked PEV charging stations and station management software.Read MoreCustomer Relationship Management As A Philosophy1253 Words   |  6 Pages1.1 Background Customer Relationship Management as a Philosophy started in the 70s. Peter Drucker, a well-renowned management consultant, stated that The true business of every company is to make and keep customers. Today, the concept of CRM has grown in a global scale. Companies have evolved to focus products solely based on customer’s demands. Over the years, the CRM model does not limit to just being about customer centric but also to use customer profitability as a catalyst in making decisionsRead MoreSales, Communication, Client Relations, Business Development, And Account Management916 Words   |  4 Pagesyears of comprehensive experience offering leadership in advanced Sales, Marketing, Analytics, Client Relations, Business Development, and Account Management. While I worked with Kraft Heinz for twelve years, the last position was as a sales and business development manager successfully managing multi-million-dollar distributors and key account customers. The products included s elling ketchup, condiments, sauce categories along with portion control and frozen soups. The territory encompassed GeorgiaRead MoreDifference Between A Consumer Market And Business Market949 Words   |  4 Pagesmarketing strategies in order to attract business. In addition, both should have a good focus on new-product development and identifying new trends in order to attract costumers and businesses. One difference in between the consumer market strategy and the business strategy is cost. The individual consumer wants a lower price, but many are more concerned about the value they receive. For a business, providing the lowest cost is extremely important in order to keep a business relationship. It isRead MoreSummary Kotler Keller1275 Words   |  6 Pagesfunction and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Marketing management is the art and science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping, and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value. Marketers are skilled at managing demand: they seek to influence its level, timing, and composition for goods, servicesRead MoreCustomer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Practice1497 Words   |  6 Pages To find the most profitable customers in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practice is an ongoing process where many companies fail to deliver the answer. This paper outlines various definitions of CRM, strategies, processes and the use of technology along with the various paradoxes that accompany Customer Relationship Management. Defining CRM is not straight-forward as there are numerous definitions, taking three recent definitions the basic framework of CRM is, an overall process of building

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Ted Talk Video Analysis for Philosophical Nature- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theTed Talk Video Analysis for Philosophical Nature. Answer: Ted talks is known to be one of the most influential talk show currently in the television and it has gained immense popularity due to excellent philosophical nature of the speeches. Speakers are invited from various walks of like to speak about certain issues and express their knowledge about life. They share their knowledge in such a way that it enlightens the entire audience and leaves a motivating impact on them (Romanelli, Cain McNamara, 2014). The way the people think is constantly challenged in this show and the speakers try to mend the thought process constantly so as to make sure that their speeches connect with the soul of those present in the audience. The video by Paul Bloom on Prejudice was chosen for the assignment because the issue of prejudice is something that has been ruling the thoughts of every individual for decades. The idea of prejudices has engulfed every person and has made it sure that people are constrained in their communication with a person or a group. Ted talks stages some of the most inspirational and motivational speakers and Paul Bloom is someone who is best in class when it comes to speaking words that can create an impact. The video speaks of prejudices and explains the logical reasons behind it. The video was selected more because of the unique way the idea of prejudices has been justified by Paul in the video. The strength of the video lies in the way the psychology of the human is defined and how the idea of prejudice is justified without hurting any sentiments or emotions. The issue of prejudice often ends up hurting people but in the video it is seen that Paul successfully retains the audiences attenti on and makes sure that their emotions are not hurt and they enjoy as well as understand the depth of the issue. The idea of prejudices has been defined in the video in a way that completely gives a new perspective to the idea of prejudices. The speaker has defined the point in such a way that the fact that diversity is present in the world is well explained and justified. The concept of diversity has to be understood in a different light in the society so that the issues and conflicts that take place can be avoided and peace can be achieved in the society (Bloom, 2018). The speaker emphasizes that it is human nature and psychology to differentiate between certain things and hence come to a prejudged conclusion which is often correct. However such conclusion and prejudices can go completely wrong at times when things are different in nature. It actually depends on the individual perception of people about how they look towards an event and how they perceive it in their mind. Every person has a difference in the interpretation that is made for an occurrence and such interpretation clearly descri bes the kind of perspective that the person has regarding the society. The idea of conflict among people is mostly due to certain prejudices that the people hold for each other, such conflicts can be completely avoided if the perception is changed and diversity is seen as a common phenomenon in the society. The content of the video is relatable due to the way such a sensitive topic is brought forward by the speaker. Every person has faced or participated in practicing prejudices and hence it is relatable to understand the basic idea behind the practice (Kite Whitley, 2016). There are times when a product is selected to be purchased due to the advertisement that is seen on the television. The decision is made due to the look and feel of a product but actually after using it, the quality of the product is understood as poor. Certain prejudices lead to taking of such decisions, the people tend to favor products that have a western inkling to them. Such prejudices are taken up and this leads to decisions being taken on an impulse. The impact that diversity has on the people is immense and it seen that the people often take decisions based on their attitude on diversity. The people instantly can negate an idea if it is represented by an African black but will accept the same idea if it is r epresented by an American white (Lauren, 2018). Such prejudices are in plenty and it makes it sure that notions of prejudgments continue to exist in the society. The message in the video is agreeable as it rightly says that prejudices are deep in the psych of an individual from the very early stages of life. It is a human nature to differentiate and deliver a judgment based on certain things that are not according to their perception. Such a notion is common and hence the speaker is absolutely right in making sure that the prejudiced thoughts are natural rather than imposed or influenced. Previously the belief was that prejudice was a thought process that was induced by the society and the effects of such prejudices were worst and greater in its impact (Bar-Tal et al., 2013). The idea was completely changed after watching the video as it the speaker clearly explains that the prejudiced thoughts are an attribute that is natural to the human beings and it is from the very early stages of life that such ideas or preferences enter into the mind of people. The general belief was that prejudgment leads to the creation of differences but after watching the video it is clear that it is not something that is backed by conflict rather it is a common trait in every individual and it has been prevalent from time immemorial. The message that has been given in the video is powerful as it strikes the right chord in the minds of those who are listening to it. The message is loud and clear that every individual is aware of certain things that are needed to be done so that the best is achieved in life. The people are selfish to a certain extant and this helps them in understanding what is good for them and what is not. The video removes all kind of prejudices attached to the idea of prejudices and justifies it in accordance to the general human nature and psychology. It is defined in the video that it is human nature to differentiate and hence it is a phenomenon that is natural. The video challenges the existing that prejudice is a biased practice and establishes the fact that it is human nature rather than influence. The ted talk episode dealt with prejudice and its various aspects that are related to the human psychology. The human nature is designed in a way that it has inkling towards certain choices than the others. The choices of individual are dependent on the atmosphere they are brought up in and the thought process they follow. It is to be understood that the psychology of a person is a reflection of the nature of a person. The nature of every human being is to serve the best interest of the self and in order to do that they involve in practicing certain prejudices that may seem derogatory in nature. Reference Bar-Tal, D., Graumann, C. F., Kruglanski, A. W., Stroebe, W. (Eds.). (2013).Stereotyping and prejudice: Changing conceptions. Springer Science Business Media. ISBN 1461235820, 9781461235828 Bloom, P. (2018).Can prejudice ever be a good thing? Retrieved 6 April 2018, from Kite, M. E., Whitley Jr, B. E. (2016).Psychology of prejudice and discrimination. Psychology Press. ISBN 1317227239, 9781317227236 Lauren, P. G. (2018).Power and prejudice: The politics and diplomacy of racial discrimination. Routledge. ISBN 9780429961069 Romanelli, F., Cain, J., McNamara, P. J. (2014). Should TED talks be teaching us something?.American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education,78(6), 113.

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Canada’s Bail Reform Act Essay Example

Canada’s Bail Reform Act Essay Canada’s Bail Reform Act has proven controversial because of its perceived leniency toward dangerous suspects.   The act severely limits police officers’ ability to arrest suspects without warrants, which has caused some Canadian citizens to demand further reforms and tougher laws granting the police more power to arrest and detain accused persons.   Though intended to respect the rights of the accused, suspects released under its provisions have committed serious crimes in recent years (including several murders), and public demands for increased public safety have targeted the act. Before the Bail Reform Act’s passage in 1971, â€Å"a number of the civil liberties of Canadians were being systematically ignored and abused by the police† (Brannigan).   Suspects in Canada had to demonstrate why they should not be detained until trial, which frequently meant that those accused of dangerous violent crimes remained in custody.   According to the Legal Information Institute, â€Å"Prior to the Bail Reform Act, [suspects] could have been arrested on reasonable and probable grounds that they had committed the offences charged† (Canadian Legal Information Institute).   The act intended to grant the accused more civil liberties, especially preventing the unnecessary detention of suspects.   It limits the police’s arrest powers (in the absence of a warrant) by requiring suspects’ release if the they have no reasonable grounds to believe that the public interest or safety would be in jeopardy.   The Act also empowers the police o fficer in charge of lock-up to release a suspect in accordance with the Criminal Code. We will write a custom essay sample on Canada’s Bail Reform Act specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Canada’s Bail Reform Act specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Canada’s Bail Reform Act specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The act does not require that a judge preside over a bail hearing, and a suspect may be released with as little as a single signature on a court document, with little or no money posted.   This is true for virtually any crime, including those involving violence.   The logic behind the law, according to the Canadian government, â€Å"is to establish a presumption that [the accused] . . . should not be arrested or held in police custody or detention unless this is necessary in order to conduct a legitimate criminal investigation, to ensure attendance of an accused in court, or to protect the public and then, for no longer than is necessary† (Department of Justice Canada).   However, while this has certainly prevented many accused persons from being held needlessly (especially the innocent and falsely accused), it has also been applied too leniently to dangerous criminals, some of whom later committed violent crimes while on bail. The law is rather difficult to navigate and creates problems for the police, who must have concrete evidence that a suspect has or is about to commit a serious crime; without it, suspects must be released, and in some cases commit more serious offenses.   Currently, Canadian police can make arrests without warrants only if they are certain or have probable grounds to believe the suspect has committed or is about to commit a crime, is committing a crime in a police officer’s sight, or already has an outstanding warrant.   According to the Canadian legal system itself, â€Å"[the] main sections of the Criminal Code which constrain the police use of discretion with young persons as with adults are the rather tortuous provisions governing arrest, detention and release in Part XVI† (Department of Justice Canada). With very few exceptions, the Bail Reform Act of 1971 forbids police from making warrantless arrests unless they believe that suspects will not appear for trial or if it is required in the public interest.   This puts the police into a difficult situation, because they are unable to hold suspects without warrant or very clear cause.   Also, the police cannot freely assume that a suspect will automatically commit a more serious crime while on bail.   The law clearly favors the accused, which can work against the police and create the perception that they are unable to protect the public.   According to Canadian sociologist and legal expert Gus Brannigan, the act â€Å"puts the onus on the state to show why an arrested person should be confined to jail before trial. Consequently we only rarely find people incarcerated ‘three or more days’† (Brannigan).   In the eyes of the police, this does not always give police and prosecutors sufficient time to gather n ecessary information about a suspect’s records and current criminal status. For years, the Canadian government has considered changing the Bail Reform Act’s lenient policies to hold suspects long enough to determine whether they should be released from custody, especially in the face of public demands for greater public safety.   In the 1990s, over 2.5 million people signed the de Villiers petition, which called for changes to make the law tougher in the wake of several brutal murders of young women between 1983 and 1993.   In its support, parliament member Howard Hilstrom told the speaker in 1998, â€Å"Petitioners are asking for changes to the Bail Reform Act to make this a safer country [and] . . . impose harsher penalties for crimes of violence and that release not be quite so quick† (Parliament of Canada).   In November 2003, Manitoba’s provincial Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh proposed revamping Canada’s bail laws so that â€Å"people with criminal records would be automatically denied bail. The rare exceptions woul d come when a defence lawyer makes an argument that a judge feels is particularly compelling† (Owen and McIntyre). Changing the Bail Reform Act would grant police more power to hold suspects they consider dangerous, which in turn may make the public feel better protected from violent criminals.   In addition, it would speed prosecutors’ and judges’ access to suspects’ parole history, so that bail would be tougher for suspects in violent crimes to attain.   The legal challenge is determining a proper balance between the rights of the accused and the courts’ and law enforcement officials’ ability to determine how great a risk a suspect proposes to the public. REFERENCES Anonymous.   â€Å"Chamber Business.†Ã‚   19 October 1998.   Parliament of Canada.   5 October 2005. â€Å"The de Villiers Petition.†Ã‚   The Caveat: Canadians Against Violence.   5 October 2005. â€Å"Youth Justice Police Discretion with Young Offenders Environmental Factors Affecting Police.†Ã‚   8 July 2004.   Department of Justice Canada.   5 October 2005. Brannigan. A. (Gus).   â€Å"Civil Rights and Limits to State Powers.†Ã‚   Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calgary.   7 October 2005. Owen, Bruce and Mike McIntyre.   â€Å"Bail courts need better access to accused’s past.†Ã‚   3 January 2005.  Ã‚   Garry Breitkreuz, Member of Parliament Yorkton – Melville.   7 October 2005.

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Free Essays on Cronan Paul

PAUL CRONAN CASE Ethics deals with questions and subjects at all levels. Its subject consists of the fundamental issues of practical decision making, and its major concerns include the nature of high values and the standards by which human actions can be judged by right or wrong. This is based on areas such as culture, socio-economic, community, and religion. The terms ethics and morality are closely related. We now often refer to ethical judgments or ethical principles where it once would have been more common to speak of moral judgments or moral principles. Academically, however, the term refers not to morality itself but to the field of study, or branch of inquiry, that has morality as its subject matter. In this sense, ethics is equivalent to moral philosophy. I will examine the case from the point of view of the corporate entity. The corporation or company will often be under the specific â€Å"spotlight† per say, although all agents of the organization will deal with such situations as in the Paul Cronan Case. This would especially be the case when dealing with an individual discrimination issue or ethical situation. Larger areas such as environment ethics most often would point the finger or involve the company as entity from the beginning of the issue. Then the company itself may find revelation within its ranks. 1) The key ethical issues in this case would be privacy of the employee and medical records, discrimination, and occupational safety or the safety of others. 2) There was no continuity between policy and accountability for employee absence when addressing the medical records events that where recorded. Paul Cronan’s supervisor allotted two appointments in the spring for medical appointments. Afterwards or the next time the medical condition needed to be disclosed first before getting an appointment. Paul’s supervisor stated that he would need to accountability for his absence, and needed the inf... Free Essays on Cronan Paul Free Essays on Cronan Paul PAUL CRONAN CASE Ethics deals with questions and subjects at all levels. Its subject consists of the fundamental issues of practical decision making, and its major concerns include the nature of high values and the standards by which human actions can be judged by right or wrong. This is based on areas such as culture, socio-economic, community, and religion. The terms ethics and morality are closely related. We now often refer to ethical judgments or ethical principles where it once would have been more common to speak of moral judgments or moral principles. Academically, however, the term refers not to morality itself but to the field of study, or branch of inquiry, that has morality as its subject matter. In this sense, ethics is equivalent to moral philosophy. I will examine the case from the point of view of the corporate entity. The corporation or company will often be under the specific â€Å"spotlight† per say, although all agents of the organization will deal with such situations as in the Paul Cronan Case. This would especially be the case when dealing with an individual discrimination issue or ethical situation. Larger areas such as environment ethics most often would point the finger or involve the company as entity from the beginning of the issue. Then the company itself may find revelation within its ranks. 1) The key ethical issues in this case would be privacy of the employee and medical records, discrimination, and occupational safety or the safety of others. 2) There was no continuity between policy and accountability for employee absence when addressing the medical records events that where recorded. Paul Cronan’s supervisor allotted two appointments in the spring for medical appointments. Afterwards or the next time the medical condition needed to be disclosed first before getting an appointment. Paul’s supervisor stated that he would need to accountability for his absence, and needed the inf...

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Portfolio 02243 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Portfolio 02243 - Essay Example Thus, our family have to learn English for meeting the global requirement. However, being the native peoples we were facing the challenges of speaking English correctly. In terms of learning English or other foreign languages like German and Spanish my Mandarin pronunciation got inaccurate and my parents helped me a lot to rectify the languages (Grainger, 2014). My education emphasised on the first language Mandarin which is my native language. I have faced multilingual issues in the Jiangsu are different languages are used by the local peoples. I observed that the maximum peoples of my school are using Mandarin languages, some of them using English, German and Spanish to communicate with the others. From the age of 12, I selected German as my second foreign language. However, I faced intense complexity in learning the foreign language in classrooms. Major I faced problem was the accent of German language. Very less number of peoples was using the language thus I did not have the scope of learning the methods of oral communication. Teachers were just teaching us the methods like paraphrase of Chinese and German, and some basic grammars. I have started to communicate with European classmates to improve my accent of English and German. Discussion helped me to gain insight on various critical incidences and cross cultural traits. The discussion of CT 5 provided me with the details of Mr J and Mr S. From the discussion it is observed that Mr J is working in a foreign country which unfamiliar to him as per the culture and languages. Mr J took the help of the Mr S to understand the culture of the new country. However, it is also observed that the culture of Mr S is empowering the hangouts and spending time with friends and acquaintance. They can interact with the immigrant or the foreign country members very easily and they are very helpful (Beausaert, Segers and Gijselaers, 2011). Culture of the country